Different Kinds of Back and Foot Pains

Body pains are common in human beings, where different body parts are affected based on how they are stressed. Foot pain is one of the most common forms where the patient experiences pain in every single part of the legs. These pains sometimes cumulate into something more critical.

It may seem to be a surprise, but there are issues where lower back causes foot pains. Yes, lower back problems, especially related to nerve or at the end of the spine is a valid reason, why there might be a pain in the foot. Most of the lower back twists or nerve pinches have an adverse effect on legs and rarely does anyone get away from the issue.

List of Back and Foot Pain Combined Issues

  • Sciatica or Foot up Issue

In this disorder, a person’s capability to bring the foot up or proceeding to walk with heels becomes impossible. The disorder affects the ability to walk properly and brings upon lack of sensation around the leg base. Thus, the spinal nerve base surrounding the lower back and its compression bring light to this complicated issue.


  • Foot Drop

The back and leg problems arise exactly near the roots of the spinal cord end. Foot Drop is a condition creating a difficult issue to walk normally and twist the ankle to a specific position. This issue is due to the L5 nerve core problem reflecting the pain down to the outer side of the calf and brings above the big toe. Consequently, there will be heavy pain in the back as well.


This is one condition, where the pain of a foot may originate from the sciatic nerve’s S1 spinal base. Under this condition, the typical symptom of pain is below the base of the foot, and become weak to sustain flexibility. Affected patients might feel issues of climbing and walking fast since the base of a foot makes fast movement in the body.

Back and Foot are completely correlated in most of the body functions. Humans having multiple issues with either of these body parts could experience the transfer of pain. Therefore, for all having problems with the foot can fancy their chances by taking immediate medication to cure.