Stay Warm in 2019

It’s a sad fact that due to cold weather people are more likely to suffer ill health or get sick as a result. So as the nights get cooler and temperatures start to drop, here’s a few simple ways to keep the person you love warm and well all year long.

cool night

Close the windows

It sounds obvious perhaps but many people leave their windows open a crack during the cooler months. While this allows some fresh air in it also allows a lot of warm air to escape your home. In the long run this will increase your heating bills and utilities. 

Layer Up

Another obvious tip but one that people can forget about. You don't always need a heavy warm sweater on when some light layers can do the same job while making your more comfortable to move around.

Too much? ;-)

Turn on a ceiling fan if you have one.

Warm air rises to the ceiling. Run your fan on its lowest setting in a clockwise direction to push the warm air back down to where you can feel it.


Block drafts coming from underneath front doors.

Something that can often go forgotten are small cracks from your front door to the outside. Even a minor space can lead to a loss of heat that can end up costing you more in heating bills. Roll up a towel and move to the edges at the bottom of the door to keep heat in and cold out.

Tip for your Dog during cold weather season.

Salt and other de-icing products can irritate your dog’s paws and cause them to crack. When you return indoors after each outing, wipe their paws dry and apply a non-chemical soothing agent. You can purchase a paw balm or make your own using natural ingredients like coconut oi or olive oil. It’s best to consult your veterinarian before using any natural formula on your dog’s paws. Dog boots are another great alternative — just make sure you get the correct size.

One way we always recommend from experience is using a Veito Heater to warm up your area.

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