Shower with the best shower head possible.

Posted on January 03 2020

Shower the best way possible.

With all the options regarding shower heads these days it can get overwhelming to choose the right one. What's the big deal? A shower head is a shower head right? Turns out, not so much. I recently used the ShowerMe® Handheld Chrome shower head and found there IS a difference when it comes to power, water saving and even making your bathroom look elegant and cool.

Install the Shower Me Handheld shower that features two spray styles. Take full advantage of the water pressure with the saturating spray or save water with oxygenic spray. The shower comes with a long 60 “hose that attaches itself to the shower using a water diverter. Rinse your shower after bath or after cleaning your dog with the simple to use shower. With the modern sleek design, it is a perfect addition to the shower family enhancing the décor of your space.

It also also comes with a great warranty if any problems or concerns ever come up. You can also get a wide range of different styles all designed to save on your water bill and to provide a therapeutic flow that will make you not want to get our of the shower. Be warmed that I don't think staying under the water until you shrivel up like a prune is covered by the warranty. ;-)

I'm not a technical type of person but I wondered how this type of shower head could feel so different and relaxing but on the website this image helps explain it. I'm still not technical but it looked pretty cool.

[caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignnone" width="300"][/caption]

Overall it's a great way to get a relaxing, therapeutic shower in the comfort of your own bathroom. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think about your experience with this great shower head.

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