Veito Stand - Optional Heater Stand for Veito Blade or Aero 1500W

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The Veito heater stand gives you the freedom to take your infrared heater wherever you want, indoor or outdoor. With ease of redirecting it to the direction where you want the heat emitted, this heater stand is an optional addition to enhance the heating solution for your home or office or outdoor spaces. The meticulous design, premium quality aluminum with light weight makes it the best stand for your infrared heater. The Veito stand is weatherproof and comes with a pivot so it can be mounted anywhere with ease.

Make your Veito Blade heater easy to move with the heater stand. A solid X style base stops it from sloping and the mounting brackets makes it easy to mount anywhere to redirect the heat in any direction you want. It is made of lightweight aluminum and comes with easy disassembly allowing you to easily move it indoors or outdoors. The height and pivot can be raised or lowered to suit your preference.

Warranty: 2 year limited

Stand can only be used for the Veito Blade or Aero 1500 Watt Heater.  NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY VEITO or AERO 2500 WATT HEATERS.

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Tim Mills

Best customer service ever!!! Great product too!!!

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