Veito® Aero S 1500W

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1500 W Carbon filament 
Four power settings 
Vertical & horizontal usage
 IP44 weatherproof design 
Tip-over protection

Mounting brackets included.

Aero S is made from highly recyclable materials like aluminum and glass. It is a stylish heater for outdoor lovers. Every component in the Aero S heater is optimized for performance. That includes the Veito carbon tube producing mid-wave infrared heat. We built everything around extruded aluminum designed to maximize thermal capacity. We designed the Aero S heater with built-in remote control. It is simple and elegant – and also astonishingly quiet. You can set the heating power by using the remote controller. The Aero S heater can be installed on a wall or hanged on a ceiling. It is engineered as a robust indoor-outdoor heater. The Aero S has IP44 weatherproof design, which means you can use it for Patios, Terraces, Smoking Areas, Conservatories, Restaurants, Hotels, Bathrooms, Garages, Workshops, Factories, Warehouses and many more


Heating the objects directly instead of the air around it, this infrared heater saves energy wasted by other regular heaters. It is the way forward in optimizing input energy to generate greater level of output heat. Turn your floors, people and objects into heat sinks instead of wasting energy on heating air to make great energy savings on your bills and build an environment friendly life.


Pushing all the conventional bulky heaters aside, Veito brings to you a modern and compact design fitted with carbon fiber technology that can produce 25% more heat than regular heaters. Veito heaters revolutionized the heating solution with the easy to mount, compact heater designs that even out heat distribution to eliminate hot and cold cycles. 

Warranty: 2 year limited


Model: AERO S Dimensions (W x H x D): 770 x 180 x 55mm
Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz Weight: 3 kg
Power: 1500W IP Rating: IP44

Infrared heaters are often considered a good choice for heating because they offer several advantages over traditional heating methods.

Firstly, infrared heaters work by emitting infrared radiation, which heats up the objects and people in a room directly rather than the air. This means that they can heat up a space more quickly and efficiently than other types of heaters, because there is no need to wait for the air in the room to heat up first.

Secondly, infrared heaters are often more energy-efficient than traditional heaters, because they can focus heat exactly where it is needed. This can help to reduce energy costs and save money on heating bills.

Thirdly, infrared heaters are often considered to be safer than other types of heaters, because they do not rely on combustion or the circulation of heated air. This can reduce the risk of fire and the spread of allergens and pollutants in the air.

Finally, infrared heaters are often more environmentally friendly than other types of heaters, because they produce fewer emissions and use less energy overall. This can help to reduce your carbon footprint and make your home or office more sustainable.

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