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Veito® Aero 2500W Silver



Product Details

Veito Aero 2500W heater redefines the scheme of heaters available in the market. The sleek modern design can be mounted on a wall or ceiling saving you space previously occupied by bulky heaters. This infrared heater is a masterpiece designed to provide you warmth indoor or outdoor spaces. Planning to mount multiple heaters to provide warmth in an open setting. Provide warmth to your colder days using the beautifully designed Veito Aero 2500W Silver giving the décor a touch of elegance.

Infrared is an efficient heating technology that heats objects instead of the air around it. It is the new way forward to save energy and transform people, objects and floors into heat reservoirs keeping it all warm in the chilly winter days. This diligently designed compact heater demonstrates the new heating technology ensuring maximum efficiency for the energy consumed.
Energy Efficient Heat
The regular heaters in market deploys the approach of heating the air before heating the room. Vieto AERO 2500W infrared heater is different in this way that it utilises 100% of energy to heat objects with the infrared rays which in turn heat the surrounding air. Use this efficient heating technology to save heating bills and pave way for a greener world. Within 10 seconds of turning it on, the Aero will start heating you and the objects directly instead of levelling up the heat factor in the air. Made with the latest carbon fiber technology to give out even heat distribution, this infrared heater produces 25% more heat than other regular heaters using the same technology. There is lifetime guarantee of this product with the protective grill of 304 stainless.
Easy to mount on the wall or ceiling, this Aero heater offers easy installation and the compact design fits in any indoor or outdoor space with ease. This heater allows you to mount it vertically, horizontally or suspend it from the ceiling. Control it from a distance or set it on automatic temperature control to regulate power consumption based on the set temperature resulting in cost savings. Control several blade heaters with same frequency with just one full function remote. The high-grade chemical covered shiny aluminium provides a sophisticated look to your heating idea.

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