iQ Pure Breeze Air Cooler

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Stay cool and conserve energy at the same time!

Energy efficient and environment friendly.

Reduces up to 15 degrees in temperature.

Low power consumption.

Full vent air flow.

3 fan speeds.

Use indoors or outdoors.

8L water tank for 6-8 hours usage.


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Customer Reviews

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Laurence Beard
Works Great

Purchased this cooler ca State Fair in Sacto in July 2022. Salesman was great. Explained everything and suggested that to make it cooler to fill water tank with both ice and water. I use 2/3 ice and it cools like a champ.sleep great every night. By the way when we bought it we had them hold it until we left the fair. They were nice enough to carry it to our car.

Jenn Hairston
Extremely Disappointed

I just purchased yesterday at SD Fair and have been so disappointed every sense.

Justin is a great sales me, however I don’t think there was full transparency about this product.

Everything was hooked and ready to start using, nothing happened but water leaking everywhere. To which almost caused a small flood and a fire!

I purchased this for my room and not a moment of cool air, even with the ice pack. Now I have to go into the hassle of replacing this thing, with high hopes of being disappointed all over again.

Even though the concept is amazing there are so many flaws and has become a big pain all within 24 hours.

Redfern Air Cooler

I too purchased this cooler at this years San Diego Fair, Adventure Awaits Get out There! As we were just beginning our day of adventure, we (my mother and myself) noticed several people who had bought this air cooler and we made mention of it to each other. Our curiosity was peaked far before we saw the presentation. Walking the halls filled with vendors selling just about anything. Some purchases planned but many more impulse buys. At last we came to Redfern space. The sales people were inviting and funny. Our salesman was knowledgeable. He answered questions and talked about the cooler as if he were the inventor. Of course, we had to have one. The box was not very heavy but it was awkward to carry. The salesman said we were more than welcome to leave our cooler with him until we had finished all our shopping and all of our eating. We were very appreciative for that. Many hours later we picked up our cooler and he had attached a small cart/dolly that had wheels for frustration free transportation. I know they did that for those who needed it but, it was such a nice gesture I feel it deserves mention. So we brought the cooler home and set it up right away. I have to agree with the other reviewers. The instruction pamphlet is confusing. Since there was no mention of the plastic liner in the water tank, I just left it alone. As for the orange floating water gauge, you can see it from the back, I leaned down just a little bit when I poured the water inside. The salesman did say that the cooler will cool the air around the unit to about 10 degrees lower. This was my only concern. What if the room I need to cool is 90 degrees. Cooling the room to 80 degrees didn’t seem enough. The unit comes with a blue bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water to the fill line. The water turns into a freezable gel. I pop this bottle inside the freezer overnight and add it with the new water. I have a few ice packs I put into the pouring pitcher. When I fill the tank with super cold water the output of the cooing air is more like 20 degrees cooler than the air around it. The salesman also said this unit is good for one room at a time. He was very upfront about the cooling capabilities. I plugged my air cooler in 7 days ago and it has run like a champ. Not only am I pleased I am impressed. The salesman said buying this Air Cooler at the fair would be saving us $150, and he was right. I was cruising the net this morning and I came across top 10 Air Coolers. Redfern was on this list topping out at $399.99. I love this Air Cooler and I am considering buying one for the kitchen and the second bedroom. LOVE IT!

S Lopez
iQ 10-EX Pure Breeze Air Cooler - Sway Function Issue

I just brought this home from our local fair tonight and was excited to try it out. I am disappointed to say mine is defective. The powered 'sway' function that directs the vertical airflow strips make an annoying loud sound as they try and pivot side-to-side. Something is either in the way of the turning mechanism, or something was tightened too much. So regardless of anything else, I have to haul this back to the fair to exchange it, which means I'll have to once again pay for parking and entry to the fair ($30). In addition, I agree with another review on two points; the instructions leave a lot to be desired, and it's unclear what's going on with the "removable" tank. The box photos show filling the water at the top of machine via a lifted panel (see box photo here on their website), however, the actual product does not have any accessible top panel, which is odd. You have to fill the water in the rear tank. The instructions show the tank being pulled completely out of the unit, but there are two things preventing that from happening. The first is an open square hard plastic rim around the top of the tank (which is not mentioned or shown in the instructions, so it's unclear if this is supposed to remain there or be thrown out). The second is the two open ended water tubes that hang down into the tank and the tube that's attached to the water pump/motor. You'd have to disconnect some things in order to remove the tank, so the easiest option appears to be filling up the tank with water from a pitcher. The floating water scale is not visible until you close up the tank and then check the front of the unit to see if it's full or not. As for the cool air function itself, it seems to work just fine, and does produce a nice cooling breeze.

Janice Scanlan
iQ Pure Breeze review

I was so excited to open the box and try the cooler. The instructions leave a lot to be desired. First, there is a plastic rim on the water tank. The instructions make no mention of it. Should it stay or be tossed? Second, the instructions do not mention that, when you pull out the water tank to fill it, there are three tubes and the pump. If you totally remove the tank to fill it at the sink, you cannot re-install it because of the tubes -- the angle of the tank would result in dumping out a good portion of the water. So, you are forced to fill the tank with pitchers, and, thus, cannot see the fill indicator when you are filling the tank. I guess when I replaced the tank to fill it with water from a pitcher, one of the tubes was not in the right place. So, the first time I ran the cooler, it seemed to be cooling, but water was running out all over the floor. I immediately turned the unit off, removed the tank and unplugged the cooler. I went to the website to look for videos to explain the leak. I ended up in the chat, but, since it was a Saturday, I didn't get a response until Monday. The response let me know that, most likely, one of the tubes was not inside the water tank. That must have been the problem, since, it's working fine now. It does cool, but you need to be pretty close to feel it. Since it's water driven, the room gets more humid when the cooler is running. When I'm sitting right next to it, it's great. Once I get four feet away, I don't feel too much air moving. On the plus side, I do like the convenience of moving it from room to room. And, the company is very responsive to inquiries during the work week.