Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Iron

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The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam Iron is professionally designed for home use including sewers, quilters and crafters. It features powerful bursts of steam with a ceramic coated sole plate to glide effortlessly over any fabric removing wrinkles effortlessly. With just one setting you can iron fabrics from denim to silk, corduroy to velvet and NEVER burn, scorch or crush the fabrics.

The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam is the ultimate steam iron. It features a compact design and a powerful built-in boiler system. It can be used vertically or horizontally with powerful wrinkle fighting steam projection and the ability to iron through multiple layers of your fabrics. The ready light button indicates when it is ready to go. Amazing to iron all fabrics with ONLY one setting. No guessing, adjusting or wasting time.

The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam Iron has one thing that most irons do not, MORE POWER! The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam has an incredible 1000 watts of power. With 1000 watts of power the The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam will speed up your ironing even more than before. The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam will heat up faster than ever before cutting down on your ironing time and powerful steam to iron through multiple layers of fabric. You could literally cut your ironing time in half. In addition to more power the ceramic sole plate has been improved with a slightly elongated tip. This improvement makes ironing between belt loops, button or the rims of pockets that much easier. With all of the features the The Eurosteam® Platinum Next Generation Steam is a must have.

This fantastic steam iron also has a water restrictor so that it can't be overfilled and spill over.

 Comes complete with iron, water funnel, cap remover, o rings and instruction manual.

Customer Reviews

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Started out great...

I purchased this iron at Road to California in January 2022. I followed the instructions and primed the iron prior to use. In the last 4 months, I have used this iron A TON and loved it. 2 days ago, it started to have issues. It makes sounds like it is going to explode, leaks and continually steams so much that it is coming out where the cord goes into the iron. I changed the o-ring hoping that was the issue, but with the brand new one, this issue still happens. I am so bummed, as I am a quilter and depend on a good quality iron.

Valerie Bishop


Wonderful product!

This iron takes care of all my needs, even dry cleaning and disinfecting. I simply cannot go back to a regular iron after this, great product!

Still getting used to!

I’m still getting used to the changes. No on/off switch and no steam control so I like it but still getting used to it.

James Hixenbaugh

What all comes with the iron? Accessories etc?

It comes with the iron, safety cap, water funnel, red cap to remove safety cap, and instruction manual

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