BACKPlus® Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager

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ULTIMATE KNEADING SHIATSU MASSAGE: Experience luxury and relaxation with ultimate kneading Backplus® massage for the back and feet. The massager is designed to aid in improving blood circulation, relax and aid to relieve muscle tension. 

PRESSURE POINT FLAP: An additional flap with pressure point tips is included to further release tension in stubborn areas and to intensify massages. 

VIBRATION AND SELECTIVE ROTATION DIRECTIONS: Enjoy your massage the best way possible with selective rotation for effective relief and a vibration function. 

SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY: This massager allows you to add heat to further experience relief in the back and foot regions. As well, the Backplus® Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager is equipped with overheat protection. 

ADJUSTABLE CHAIR STRAP: This massager will strap on to most chairs due to its adjustability, perfect for sturdy and effective massaging. 

AUTOMATIC TIMER: The Backplus® Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager has an automatic 15 minute timer so you can sit back and relax without worrying about how long you have been getting your massage.  

The Backplus® Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager has home and 12V car connection for muscle tension relief anywhere you need it and anytime that you need it.

Included with a 1 year limited warranty. 

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!

I use this back massager anytime I travel. What a difference it makes! My back isn’t stiff or hurting! This particular model is the best I’ve found on the market. It’s very dependable!


They shipped the wrong product. I have returned it


My husband and I were at the Las Vegas Convention Center where a vendor had several chairs set up with the BACKPlus® Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager to demo. We both sat down for a quick break. Oh my! It was the best decision we made all day. I had a spot right above my right hip I have been seeing my doctor about for months that was tied in knots. This massager hit the spot perfectly. After about 5-10 minutes with this massager the knot was gone! I am 2 months out and it has not returned. My husband sees a chiropractor every month for back adjustments. After 5-10 minutes of using the massager, his back popped just sitting in the chair with the massager going. He said he felt so much better. The heat penetrates deep into muscles. I could still feel the heat working 5 minutes after I got up from the chair. We have not regretted this purchase at all and tell everyone we know to try ours out. Our young adult son uses it all the time when he is home from college and our teenage athlete uses it to work out tied muscles after practices. Highly recommend!

Robert Smith

BACKPlus® Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager

I've bought five

Originally I tested one at a Barrett-Jackson show in Las Vegas in 2021. I was surprised and impressed. I bought two and never regretted it, we use them at home frequently. This massager has done more for my back than a professional chiropractor has ever done. About 10-15 minutes in it and the pain is gone, I can get up and work again. Over the last couple of years I bought three more as gifts to others and am giving one to my girlfriend this Christmas. I really can't get over how well such a simple looking product has turned out to be better than anything my medical provider has done for me in this regard.