Things To Try During COVID-19

America is coming to its year anniversary of the start of quarantines from the current COVID-19 pandemic. People have been working hard to keep themselves busy and entertained at home throughout the stay-at-home orders and socially-distanced lifestyles that we have started to adapt as our new normals. Here we have compiled a list of new things and products to try in order to keep our quality-of-life high during these difficult times. Redfern, with our US head office in Las Vegas, is here to help keep your lives at home interesting and fun with our wide range of products and ideas. 

  • Experience the benefits of exercise
  • With all of the mental strain put upon us, staying physically healthy is important. As well as, with the potential for sickness from the virus, staying physically active to maintain optimal body and mind functioning is also necessary. Try going for walks around the neighbourhood to get in that active balance in your day. Additionally, clearing a space to do free workouts on YouTube can also help you stay fit. If direct workouts don’t seem appealing try dance workouts on YouTube! Dance workouts such as TikTok dance workouts are a super fun way to get up and dance with your family or roommates, while getting in that bit of exercise. 

  • Try massage therapy
  • As we know, the pandemic has caused many people to go through a rough time. The best way to relax and feel better both mentally and physically is with a nice massage. In addition to relaxation, massages promote circulation, increased mobility, reduced joint and muscle pain, and so on. Whether you be interested in foot massage with the BACKplus® Shiatsu Foot Massager with Air Compression & Heat, or multipurpose massagers such as the BACKPlus® PRO 3 in 1 Massager for Neck Shoulders and Back or the BACKplus® Squirrel Massage System (handheld deep tissue massage) - Redfern has you covered. Each massage targets areas of the body that need care and attention to make you feel better. With proper self care it helps to boost mood and high quality products like these give way better massages than your partner could give you.

    • Take up cooking or baking

      Taking up a new hobby such as cooking or baking can be really fun and delicious. Eating good and delicious food is great for the mind, body and soul. Additionally, with this stressful year treating yourself to some delicious sweets is a comforting idea - keep in mind they are only good in moderation. Try looking up cooking recipes on google or YouTube, and make yourself, or even your roommates or family, some delicious food or sweets!

      • Finally do that deep cleaning 

      When is a better time to start that needed deep cleaning? Get a start on your spring cleaning early this year so you won’t be so busy when the warmer weather finally starts to come. Finally go through those closets and donate all of those unused items, while lifting that weight of that messy storage closet off your chest. Maybe you even realize that some of your clothes need a good steam or iron, luckily Redfern offers the best selling Eurosteam® Next Generation Iron and the Eurosteam® Duet 2 in 1 Iron. Steam ironing is a fast, easy and effective way to iron those clothes, as the high tech iron can iron through many layers at a time and doesn’t burn fabrics. Redfern also offers the Eurosteam® Steam Ezee Iron perfect for quick and easy garment steam ironing!

    1. Give your space an upgrade
    2. Tired of your same out low pressure showerhead in your bathroom? Redfern has got you covered! With our best selling showerheads, you can finally turn your bathroom to an at home spa with a waterfall style high pressure flow. The ShowerMe® Shower Head comes in a variety of finishes to match your bathroom, and an additional purchase can give you that matching removable showerhead to make cleaning yourself, pets, and the shower that much easier. Furthermore, Redfern also offers the original best-selling Thunder Head and the 4-spray option Aquajet Showerhead

    3. Experience your patio
    4. I know what you're thinking, “it's cold outside, why would I go on my patio?”. But with Redferns variety of Veito® heaters, getting use out of that patio space is easy. Try the portable or even mountable heaters to get that fresh air without the uncomfortable chill winters. As well, with restrictions becoming more lenient on outdoor gatherings, gathering outside with family and friends in your cohort is finally comfortable in the winter season. 

    5. Catch up on those shows and finally try listening to that new music
    6. With more time spent at home, Netflix and other streaming services can be your new friend. Is there a show you still haven’t caught up on, or a new documentary series you are interested in? Well now’s your time to finally get those TV hours in. If TV’s not your thing, or maybe you are so sick of watching TV at this point, try listening to all that new music that’s been released. You could even try listening to new music genres - you never know maybe country or metal is actually your vibe. 

      Now, Redfern acknowledges this is a tough time for everyone and hopes that these 7 things may have given you some idea for things to do during the pandemic, whether that be during breaks, quarantine, lockdown or so on. Remember to follow your state guidelines and wear a mask to stay safe. We got this USA!

      If you are wanting to purchase a FDA approved KN95 facemask, Redfern also has you covered!

      Good luck USA! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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