Stay Warm All Fall With Infrared Heating

This year, prepare for winter and the chilly fall season with infrared heaters. Infrared heaters are weather proof and also come in portable styles to suit all your needs. Keep getting your use out of that patio with fast infrared heating; and then bring your heater inside to warm up that living room all winter. Regardless of your needs, infrared heating is the fastest, and best way to stay warm and prepare for the fall season. 

Veito® infrared heaters offer many features and benefits for homeowners. Top of the line safety, modern sleek appearance, comforting glow, and the ability to fit into tight or small spaces are just a few of the infrared heater benefits. Read on for more…

  • Energy efficiency – saving you on your heating bills
  • Zone heating – only heat the space you are in; not the whole house
  • No noisy dusty fan blades to be cleaned
  • Instant heat – where and when you want it
  • Tip over protection – will not power back on until you push the power button
  • Auto shut off if set temp is exceeded

Infrared heaters work in every space and provide a constant heat that heats you and objects first. It does not waste energy heating the air which dries out your space. Veito® infrared heaters are designed for long life with a 10,000 hour bulb that glows a comforting orange. Every Veito® and IQ Heat® Wave heaters come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects ensuring that manufacturing standards are high.

Quality construction, design, materials and the latest carbon infrared technology all combine to provide infrared heaters that are in a league of their own. Veito® will keep any space warm and cozy, and offer cost saving heat for the most comfort. Home and commercial infrared heaters for any space and every budget ensure that you will have the comfort that you want from an infrared heater and in the style that you need.

Veito® and IQ Heat® Wave carbon infrared heaters provide you with the heat you seek, where and when you want it.