Why Customers Love Restaurant Heaters (and why you should too)

The whole point of having a quality outdoor experience in the restaurant is to spend more time outdoors, right? People always plan to spend their time and go out for dinner, but it can be tough when the calendar moves into the winter  and fall seasons. There is enough cold outside to chill down everyone’s spine and make people think twice about eating on patios and outside areas. If you don’t want your customer to settle for shivering, invest in an outdoor patio heater. These appliances help the customer to dine outdoors even amid brisk evenings and colder months.

Outdoor restaurant heaters are fairly inexpensive and you may encounter some frustration sorting through the hundreds of models on the market today. Many of them seem identical, with only a few subtle differences of note. There are certain fuel types present in installation requirements. These have different concerns that arise depending on whether the unit runs on natural gas or propane. There are also such models that are considered better; they are easier to plug something in than to constantly supply it with combustible fuel.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Restaurant Heater

Consider these features while purchasing outdoor heaters:

  • Assembly-Type:
  • Many outdoor patio heaters come at least partially-assembled and it takes around an hour to fully assemble. Many models in patio heaters, come fully-assembled in one box. You have to attach the top/domes for them and be sure to look for this feature every time. This is because building completely unassembled patio heaters can take a significant amount of time. If you're looking for a model that you can immediately remove and start, find one that comes fully-assembled.

    In the gas heater, natural gas and propane are used in outdoor heaters and these include some type of flame. These flames can be adjusted by you to match your desired ambiance and heat level.

  • Length of Warranty:
  • Look for an outdoor heater that comes with a long warranty. Having a product with an extended warranty assures you and you can use the product even in tough environment conditions.

  • Average Heating:
  • Measure the space you need heated and buy the outdoor heater that can supply heat to the required area. Make sure that the heater can provide heat to the entire area that you need to use. 

    There are post-mounted heaters and free-standing models that produce heat in a circular way. Wall or ceiling mounts generate directional heat and should therefore be installed to cover the entire space. Consider the above factors and make your customers enjoy the food without shivering. Choose the best outdoor restaurant heaters and consider the safety features, heating power, and maintenance requirements, and style of the heater as well.

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