Foot Massage

After a tiring day at the office, after a trek, or after high-intensity training at the gym, the pain in your legs is almost unbearable, notably, in the foot region of your legs. You shall be in agony. Besides, the pain in your feet is such that you cannot ignore it and cannot even bear it. 

You would be looking for neoteric ways daily to get rid of it. However, finding a long-lasting solution is not easy. Hold on, though! Here we have a practical and enduring solution to your feet ache problems. 

This foot massager by Redfern is pure magic. All you have to do is relax your feet on to the mechanism. And this BACKplus Shiatsu massager will take care of the rest. Here is a detailed review of this massager helps give relief to your feet. 

Shiatsu Massage:

The Shiatsu style of massage has its roots in the core of Japan. Also known as Zen Shiatsu, it is a massage technique, wherein your finger plays a vital role. Although, it is an amalgam of other methods like rotating, stretching, and breathing. 

This ancient Shiatsu massage technique is used in this massager by Redfern. With this method, some points in your feet, which are the root cause of pain, are targeted. Through massage, the energy, aka chi or Qu, in Japanese philosophy, flows the body and extracts the negative energy. Through this, the energy in your feet is restored, and due to the energy balance, the pain disappears. 

Not with fingers, but with a similar mechanism, this massager heals the pain in your feet and relieves them. 

Compact Design:

Despite having amazing benefits of relieving your feet from pain, the massager is compact and has a robust design. It has a silver pod design and hardly looks like a massager. The compact feature enables you to carry it easily without much effort. 


If you are going out of town for a couple of days to a mountain trek, your legs are bound to ache. And proceeding for a trek with pain in your feet is not the most desirable thing. So, for your foot relief, you can carry this massager along with you. It does not weigh much, and the way it relieves your feet, you shall praise yourself for carrying this massager.

Safety Features:

Along with having amazing properties that calm the muscle tension in your feet, this massager is safe to use. The company has given enough attention to ensure maximum safety while you use it for a foot massage. 

The massager works the concept of heating. The heat, along with al the other features, calms the tension in your feet. But if the heat produced is more than the required amount, then it can be a severe issue. Although you do not have to worry about that. There is overheat protection in the massager. If the massager gets heated more than usual, the machine senses it and cools the assembly. 

Furthermore, it even makes sure that the electric current flowing does not pass through the surface. So, without worrying about any of those things, you have to place your feet on the massager to delve in a state of relaxation. 

Easily Cleanable:

Most of the time, while taking a massage from a machine or otherwise, you would keep your feet clean. Even if you clean it, it has some dirt on it. Moreover, every time you put your feet in the massager, some dirt settles and gets trapped in its assembly.

So, unless you want to place your feet massager that is full of dirt and bacteria, you have got to clean it. This Shiatsu Massager is easily cleanable. The cover on the outside is detachable and washable. You can remove the cover and wash it disinfectant and a wet cloth every once in a while. 

Furthermore, cleaning makes the massager free from any bacteria, and you shall not get any foot infections. So, cleaning becomes a simple task with this foot massager. 

Other Techniques:

This massager functions primarily on the principle of Shiatsu massage, but it has other features as well. Along with the Shiatsu Massage, it uses some different techniques to calm the pain in your joints and muscles. 


It uses acupuncture, while some may say acupuncture and Shiatsu are similar but is not entirely true. Acupuncture focuses on some specific points for healing, while Shiatsu focuses on balancing the chi or Qu level in the joints. This massager focuses on both for optimal comfort. It even performs deep-kneading Shiatsu massage to vanish your feet ache. 

Apart from that, it even uses soothing heat and vibration therapy. With appropriate vibrations and the correct amount of heat, your feet get more relief than ever. 

In conclusion, all these techniques work cumulatively to mitigate the pain in your legs. 


There are several features that this massager possesses. But what is the need for all these features? What is the area that they target, and what do they improve for your pain to vanish?


Here is a set of advantages that the massager has and relieves from the following conditions. 

The massage improves the blood circulation in your feet. Due to excessive activity or no activity, the blood flow in your feet may alter. The blood flows slowly as compared to the standard rate. The lack of blood flow causes your muscles to be numb and causes your feet to ache. The massager ensures proper blood flow in all parts of your feet and relieves the pain.

If your feet ache too bad, it leads to increases more stress and anxiety. For his, a Shiatsu massage is the perfect solution. It calms anxiety and stress by relaxing your feet and mind. The warmth and vibration in your feet calm your mind and reduce overall stress.

The Shiatsu massage technique restores and balances the chi level in your body. Chi is the energy in your body on which it functions. A balanced level of chi ensures the proper functioning of the body. But when the energy in a particular part is improper, the overall operation is affected. So, this massager provides there is an appropriate balance of energy in your feet and relieves you of the pain.

Now, to sum it all up, here are the final pros and cons of this product.


The Shiatsu massage works wonders on your body and makes the pain vanish instantly

The design is robust and straightforward, and you can clean it easily

It is the conglomeration of many techniques into one for an all-round relief

Lastly, the different elements in this massager make it a great buy. It has all the necessary functions that a Shiatsu massager shall have and more. You must not hesitate to give this product a try as it will surely be a great pain-reliever for your feet.


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