Discover the iQ Pure Breeze 14 EX Air Cooler: Ultimate Cooling and Purification

Say goodbye to sweltering heat and hello to fresh, cool air with the iQ Pure Breeze 14 EX Air Cooler. This advanced air cooler combines powerful evaporative cooling technology with air purification to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Why Choose Our iQ Pure Breeze 14 EX Air Cooler?

  1. Advanced Cooling Technology: Efficiently lowers temperatures using eco-friendly evaporative cooling.
  2. Air Purification: Equipped with advanced filters to remove dust, pollen and other pollutants this air cooler also functions as an air purifier. 
  3. Adjustable Settings: Multiple fan speeds speed settings help you customize the airflow - whether you want a cool breeze or something more powerful.
  4. Portable Design: At only 23 kg this air cooler is incredibly lightweight and the addition of built-in wheels make it easy to move.
  5. Energy Efficient: With its advanced evaporative cooling technology the air cooler consumes less power than traditional air conditioners - making it a cost effective, and an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.
  6. Quiet Operation: At less than <50 dB the air cooler helps you to enjoy the cool anywhere in your house without disruptive noise.
  7. User-Friendly Controls: Equipped with an intuitive control panel to easily adjust settings and modes for hassle-free operation with just the touch of a button. 


Perfect for Homes and Offices

The iQ Pure Breeze 14 EX Air Cooler is ideal for any space needing a refreshing breeze and cleaner air. Experience the perfect blend of cooling and air purification features - making it a must-have to help you stay comfortable and healthy for those hot summer days.

Experience the difference today and transform your space into a cool oasis. Visit Redfern Enterprises for more details and to order yours now!

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