ShowerMe® Shower Head

Color: Brushed Nickel
Sale price$139.99


  • Multi directional shower head to fit any space and convert your shower into a spa.
  • Create your own PRIVATE URBAN RETREAT
  • 90 powerful no clog spray jets that are easily cleaned.
  • No tools needed for installation.
  • Extra large diameter head.
  • Available in Chrome, Brushed Nickle, White and Oiled Copper (Oil Rubbed Bronze).
  • Fits any décor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Happy, drenched, new user!

OMG, this is the best showerhead, ever! We've had plenty of showerheads over the years, too many to count -- and you never really use all the settings, unless you are trying to increase the pressure (I wish they had a "firehose" setting). So, if you like all the settings this one is not for you. If you just like lots of water in a really wide spray, that just works, this is the one. Couldn't be happier. Also, danged if it's not also the easiest to install. no leaks no fuss, And, the darned adjustable arms work great, better than any I've had before. Super impressed. One of the most expensive too, but now that I have installed and used it, I'm a believer. Great job Redfern!

Gerald Fogel
We Love the ShowerMe Shower Head!!

Very easy to install this product. It adjusts to the angle needed and the water pressure is fantastic!!!

Love it

I understand these large showerheads use a lot of water, but that is exactly what my wife wanted. She loves it!

Kim Pierceall

Absolutely love it!!

Thanks for taking the time to review! Always appreciated.

Marie McReynolds

I love all the water that comes out. The shower heads now only have about half that much water that comes out.

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