ShowerMe® Shower Head

Color: Brushed Nickel
Sale price$139.99


  • Multi directional shower head to fit any space and convert your shower into a spa.
  • Create your own PRIVATE URBAN RETREAT
  • 90 powerful no clog spray jets that are easily cleaned.
  • No tools needed for installation.
  • Extra large diameter head.
  • Available in Chrome, Brushed Nickle, White and Oiled Copper (Oil Rubbed Bronze).
  • Fits any décor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Bill B
Cheap plastic POC, low pressure

Cheap plastic piece of junk with low pressure (lower than those it replaced - yes, without the flow restrictor... I hate to even imagine how horrible it would be with the restrictor in place). Save your $$ and buy a better, metal one from Lowes or HD.

Katherine Mars
The only shower head

We have replaced every shower head (17) in every home we have, with this shower head. There is nothing better out there and I say what I mean. Great pressure, easy to install, adjustable and reliable for years.

Laurie CaterPhillips

Love the product and truly appreciate the quick processing.

Better Than Any Comparable Shower Head Regardless of Price

Bought the first Shower Head in white at a Home Show more than 10 years ago. We installed it ourselves and it was amazing: never darkened, no leaks at the joints, and a squeeze on the small bladders or nipples and hard mineral build-up pops out.
A year ago, I re-did the primary bathroom in all chrome fixtures and replaced with the white with a chrome shower head. And donated the still working white fixture. I love the love but have had joint suspension issues and were dropping. The joint ultimately needed to be tightened. The product does not, or did not for me, come with directions on remedy. It took forever to locate the company's contact information and send an email. The response also seemed a little delayed. The solution was easy but took me three guys at Home Deport to find the correct $5 tool, which also does not come with the Shower Head. Now that I am well knowledgeable on the remedies, I still love the shower Head; however, the company needs to up their game providing customer information on the front end. And while you're at it throw in the the dawgone screwdriver.
Should I buy another one, it'll be the white one. The chrome is plastic and well just not as nice as the white one.

Evelyn Vollmer

the best shower head I ever had *****

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