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Rocket Ratchet Mop



Product Details

STOP using that smelly old cloth or mop to clean your floors.

With the Rocket Ratchet Mop you can wash or dry your floors without getting your hands wet and dirty.

Use it as wet or as dry as you need thanks to the self wringing ratchet action.

Rocket Ratchet Mop features a unique ratchet system that locks and holds with each twist, wringing out far more water than conventional mops. The ratchet system all ows you to control how wet or how dry the micro firber mop head is with a simple twist. The self wrining ratchet system uses a twist handle with ratchet action and with no effort, making it ideal for people with arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.

The head is made of extra long, looped end, microfiber that is ultra absorbent and provides wide surface coverage. Double bands on the head prevent the loops from tangling allowing you to wash or dry your floors quickly and easily.

Microfiber is man made and provides superior cleaning compared to cotton. The micr fibers are so small that they can get into surface pores and crevices that other materials cannot. When used dry, microfibers create a positive electric charge that cause dirt to cling to the mop head. So you can use your Rocket Ratchet Mop wet for cleaning and dry for sweeping and dusting.

The Rocket Ratchet Mop also features a scrubbie to clean grout, scuff marks or dried on mess, saving you the trouble of bending over and scrubbing by hand.

When mopping is done the mop head twists off and can be machine washed and air dried so that it is always clean and ready for the next use.

Suggested Uses

  • Cleaning floors
  • Dry dusting walls
  • Cleaning shower walls and doors

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