iQ Handi Vac ® Red

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Using cyclonic action for more power and large pass head for greater coverage your mess is sucked away and you can get back to what you would rather be doing sooner.  Traditional cordless hand vacuums loose battery power over time and the only way to ensure consistent and through cleaning is with consistent power.  The 2 in 1 Handi Vac quickly plugs in to give you the power that you need, where you need it and for as long as you need it.  A cordless cannot do that.

The Handi Vac is perfect for any surface including hardwood, lino, tiles, marble and carpet.  It sucks even fine sand from between tiles and crevices and carpets from low pile and shag. Use it in the house, garage, car, RV, cabin and office, any place that needs a little power house to clean up quickly. When the mess is gone simply pop off the dust catcher and dump the mess away. No air born dust from changing bags and your hands never touch the dirt.

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